Monday, December 3, 2012

Killer @ Sterns (May 6th, 1992)

Password: handsindaair

Description: Sorry I haven't been on for a while but, I will start posting up more tunes soon. Anyways, this set is of Killer at Sterns in 1992. What a year, tons of top tunes and promo remixes of those tunes are played out. The best part is, there is no MC to ruin it. Enjoy the vibes!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Interface (Mike Ash) - Ash Trax Volume 1 [RSN 34] (1992)

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It has been quite a while since the last time I updated the site.  I was waiting until I hit the 1,000 page-view mark to upload something special. This record is a fine example of 92 'ardcore done right on the limited technology available. This is Mike Ash's first EP and is in my opinion more edgy than the iconic "Toytown E.P" which Interface is known for.

The A side is mainly acid sounding hardcore techno which was great back in 92. The B side is a more traditional hardcore sound matching the standard of other releases at the time with "Bust This" being my favorite track of the EP.



Label: Rising High Records
Cat #: RSN34
Country: UK
Style: Breakbeat, Hardcore, Techno, Acid
Year: 1992

A side:
A1 - Son Of Matthew
A2 - Listen To The Light

B side:
B1 - Genetic Structure
B2 - Bust This

Extra facts:
Son Of Matthew (A1) samples a vocal from Dee D. Jackson - 'Automatic Lover'.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lenny Dee & Madness @ Sterns (1992)


Pass: handsindaair

This set is full of rough 92 hardcore techno spun by Lenny Dee in his prime at Sterns. This was about 1 year before Sterns final night in late 93. Sterns was one of the biggest nightclubs in the UK, and there have been many legendary sets recorded there.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bassheads - C.O.D.E.S. (1993)


Password: handsindaair

This album is commercial to me and the only reason I am posting it on here is, this album is truly ahead of its time. For 1993 many of these tracks are very futuristic and the sampling is just right especially in Is Anybody Out There sourced from the track of the same name by Pink Floyd.

My personal favorites from this album are: Back To The Old School, House Time and Is There Anybody Out There.

Label: Deconstruction
Cat #:
PCSD 144


(9:07) 01 - Bassheads - Is There Anybody Out There
(6:06) 02 - Bassheads - House Time
(3:24) 03 - Bassheads - Who Can Make Me Feel Good
(6:02) 04 - Bassheads - Back To The Future
(6:44) 05 - Bassheads - Alright
(5:59) 06 - Bassheads - Back To The Old School
(20:45) 07 - Bassheads - C.O.D.E.
(8:22) 08 - Bassheads - Start A Brand New Life (Save Me)
(8:52) 09 - Bassheads - Things Aint What They Seem